Services offered by Kewisco

Holiday Account

The Holiday Account is for Sacco members only. Members contribute a minimum of ksh.500 per month. An interest of 7.5% is earned on savings above Ksh.5000, calculated on a monthly basis.Withdrawal is done once in the month of November.

Masomo Savings Accounts

It’s eligible for members and their children’s, Where minimum monthly contribution/saving Kshs.1,000.00. The saving attracts annual interest @8% for a minimum for balance of kshs. 5,000.00 and above .One can access the monies at most thrice in a year and can have one free bankers cheque annually

Angel Savings Account

It’s Eligible for Children of age 18 and below where the parents are Sacco members Minimum monthly contribution Kshs. 500.00, Minimum Operating Balance Kshs. 1,000.00, Minimum dividend earning balance kshs. 3,000.00, Annual interest on deposit @ 8% and reviewed occasionally, One can access the monies at most thrice in a year, one free bankers cheque annually.

Asset Purchase Loan

In collaboration with Hotpoint Appliances Ltd (Sarit Centre), members can now purchase high quality household goods and items at wholesale prices. These include fridge , home theatres/ DVD players, cookers, washing machines, Digital TVs, Microwaves, dish washers, water dispensers, among others. Likewise, members can purchase solar equipments at Barefoot at discounted rates, Motorcycles from Ryce East Africa, Insurance services from CIC, water tanks from ROTO Tank Ltd and KENTAINERS Ltd at wholesale prices and have them delivered to the shopping centre near their desired destinations. The Sacco pays for the items on the member’s behalf and the member repays the amount to the Sacco in form of a loan repayable an interest of 2% per month for 12 months.

Sinking Fund

The fund became operational in 1998 and members are required to contribute Ksh.150 per month. This fund has been re-insured by Co-operative Insurance Company (CIC). The benefits that accrue from the Fund are:

  • When a principal member is deceased ksh 50,000 is paid to the next of kin to help the family with the funeral expenses. Upon the death of the member‘s child (below 18 years, maximum of four (4) children ) Ksh.15,000 is payable for funeral expenses
  • This fund insures the society against loss taken by members. In the event of the death of a member, loans are paid back.

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