MPESA Services

KEWISCO SACCO is registered agent of MPESA services. It is open to members and the general public. Members can now channel their monthly contributions, saving and loan repayment to the SACCO through pay bill No.902250.


Using your Safaricom mobile line

  1. Go to M-pesa and select Payment services, then Pay bill, then
  2. It will prompt you to enter business number, please enter 902250, then
  3. It will prompt you to enter account number, please enter your membership number(mno) with the Sacco then slush(/) then the product code (Refer to more information below)
  4. Once done it will prompt you to enter amount, please type the amount you want to send
  5. Then enter your PIN.
  6. It will display all the details you’ve keyed in except your PIN. If all the details are ok, then send by pressing ok or other button for the same
  7. You will receive a message shortly from M-pesa confirming whether the money has been sent to Kewisco Sacco or otherwise. It will expressly state ‘......sent to Kewisco Sacco for account.......’.


1. Account number is a combination of your member number (mno) and the code for the product (pcode} you are paying for i.e. mno/pcode. This is what will identify you and the product you are paying to the office. The following are the product codes

Product Code
1. Emergency loanE1
2. School fees loanS1
3. Development loan1D1
4. Development loan2D2
5. Ess loanE2
6. Instant loanI1
7. Default LoanD3
8. Hire purchase loanH1
9. Supersavers loanS2
10. DepositsK1
11. Share capital/Housing sharesK2
12. ESS SavingsK3
13. Holiday savings sharesK4
14. Fixed deposit sharesK5

Illustrations: Assume my mno. is 02332

  1. And am paying for Supersavers loan I will key in the following in ‘account no’ section 02332/S2
  2. And am paying for ESS Shares I will key in the following in ‘account no’ section 02332/K3
  3. And paying for the two products at ago I will key in the two codes i.e. 02332/S2K3
  4. Incase am paying for multiple products e.g. Emergency loan, School fees loan, Development loan2, Hire Purchase Loan & Deposits, then still the procedure will be 02332/E1S1D2H1K1. (Note that there are no commas used to separate the product codes)

2. In case the number of products you are paying for are more than six (6) and therefore can not fit in the the ‘accounts section’ just send the entire amount at ago then call or email the office with the instruction about how you wish the money be distributed.

3. The member’s account will be updated 24 hours after the transaction (This is because the transaction can only be accessed by the office after 24hrs)

4. When sending money please remember transaction charges by Safaricom applies for both sending and withdrawing.