Kenya Wildlife Service Sacco (Kewisco) was incorporated in 1992. It was formed to provide opportunities for personal growth of members by mobilizing savings, pooling financial resources and providing affordable credit facilities. Kewisco has experienced tremendous growth since its inception. Its membership has grown from a mere twenty three (23) in 1992 to over three thousand (3,000) members in 2014 with a share capital of over Ksh.32 million and loan portfolio of over Ksh.600 million. Current membership is drawn from organizations approved as per the Society policy. These include Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), Kenya Tourism Board (KTB), African Conservation Centre (ACC), Rhino Ark, Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF), Kazuri 2000 Limited, Wildlife Clubs of Kenya (WCK), The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kenya Society for the Protection & Care of Animals (KSPCA), African Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW), ARICHEM, Birdlife International, Aircraft Leasing Services (ALS), Crystal Chemical, etc.

A team of competent staff is entrusted with the day-to-day running of the Sacco. The team comprises of the CEO, Accountant, Loans officer, customer Care Officer, Accounts Assistant, Cashier, Assistant Loans Officer, Secretary and Office assistant.

KEWISCO Sacco continues to operate in a dynamic financial market which is demand driven. In line with this, the society has continued to design products that are more competitive and of value adding to the general membership.

Kewisco developed and launched its first strategic plan In 2006 which aimed at helping the Sacco to adapt to the operating environment and in order to strategically position itself for the future as a leading and innovative credit facility. Broadly the strategic plan sets out to achieve among other things; encourage members to save, provide members with affordable loans, raise and expand share capital, provide education to our members and remain innovative by providing a wide range of relevant products and services to members.

Kewisco Sacco prides itself for being the premier Sacco of choice in the conservation sector in Kenya. The Sacco has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years and envisaged to be a billion shillings Sacco by 2020.